Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar Temple - Narasingapuram

Village Name History :

         An old inscription in the Lakhsmi Narasimha temple which describes about the establishment of the presiding deity’s Urchavar idol “Prahaladha 

Purandhara” that is named after the lord’s avathar purport says “ Narasinga perumal temple is situated in the village of Narasa Nayakar Puram that is

 nearby Coovam (age old chola era saivist temple village) and under the jurisdiction of the Jayamkonda Chola Mandalam of Chandragiri kingdom’s 

southernmost part. The name of Narasa Nayakar Puram has become Narasingapuram in the later period because of colloquial reference of the village to the 

temple and its deity. 

Village Location:

     Tiruvallur district is an administrative district in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu.The town of

Thiruvallur is the district headquarters and Kadambathur Block.


    It is bounded on the north by Andhra Pradesh state, on the east by the Bay of Bengal, on the southeast

by Chennai district, on the south by Kanchipuram and on the west by Vellore district.


     It occupies an area of 3424 km² and has a population of 2,754,756 as of 2001. It is 54.45% urbanized. The district has a literacy of 76.90%, higher than 

the state average. 

Population :  

                          Male     : 1233         

                          Female : 1155


                    Selva Ganapathy Temple  

                    Thiru Murugan Thiru Koil

                    Sri Lakshmi Narasimer Temple

                    Bajanai Temple (Krishna Temple)

                    Mariyamman Temple

                    Ariamantha Temple


                P.U.M (Panchayat Union Middle) School ,Narasingapuram -Up to 8th Standard.   


             Panchayat Board library


                 WOOSU Indaia Pvt Ltd - Automobile Company.

Nearby tourist places (Temples):

      There are a lot of nearby important places of temples in and around Narasingapuram.

            Elamyankoturre         -  Arambasvarasr Siva Temple.

               Koovam               - Arulmighu Thiripuranthakar Temple.

            Thakkolam           - Jalanatheeswarar Siva Temple.

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