Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar Temple - Narasingapuram

                    ''' நாளை என்பதில்லை நரசிம்மனி டத்தில்  '''

Sri Nrisimha Maha-mantra 

ugram viram maha-vishnum
jvalantam sarvato mukham
nrisimham bhishanam bhadram
mrityur mrityum namamy aham.


Time Line

Morning : 7.30 AM TO 12.00 AM

       Evening : 4.30 PM TO 08.00 PM

Timings (Subject to change during Bramhothsava, and other special occasions)
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           This great temple of Sri Narasimhar is located about 55 km from Chennai, in a place named Narasingapuram while travelling from Chennai to Sriperumbudur on the National Highway. Devotees have to take a right turn near Empee Distillers and travel through the road to reach this temple.

Significance of the Temple
  1. The diety also has the name 'Sri Kalyana Lakshmi Narasimhar' since holds Lordess Lakshmi closely (Aalinganam).
  2. The Periya Thiruvadi (Garudazhwar) is about four feet heigh and about sixteen serpents adore his body as jewels.
  3. Those who worship this temple for about nine Swathi Nakshatirams are entitled with complete bliss with respect to health and wealth and any associated problems in those vanishes.
  4. The Perumal is also called 'Sri Kalyana Lakshmi Narasimhar' as he performs 'aalinganam' - holding Sri Lakshmi very closely.
  5. Periya Thiruvadi - Garudalwar, is about 4 feet high and 16 nagams (snakes) are found in his body as ornaments.
  6. It is believed that by continuously worshipping this Narasimhar for nine Swathi nakshathiram days, all wealth/health problems, obstacles in marriage etc., will vanish.
  7. Lord Narasimhar here appears as Shantha moorthy and has a smiling face.
  8. In the temple, Mahalakshmi in the lap of Narasimhar is facing the devotees and blessing them..In case of Ugra Narasimhar temples, Mahalakshmi is seen facing the lord trying to pacify the lord's anger.
  9. The posture of Narasimhar and Mahalakshmi is called "Paraspara Alinganman" meaning both of them are embracing each other as compared to other temples where only Mahalakshmi appears in an embracing posture.
  10. Garudan here has 16 types of snakes around and hence the devotees are freed of Naga dosham.


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